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Birds' nests : Page 105

Green Rush Bird's Nest

Materials- 6 14-inch spokes of No. 3 rattan, 1 8-inch spoke of No. 3 rattan, 1/4 weaver of No. 2 rattan, Green rush, 1 strand of raffia,

A piece of wire 6 inches long about the size

of No. 1 rattan,

A pair of pliers.

Flat rush in its natural color, dull green, is used in weaving this little nest which will be soft and comfortable and suggestive of meadows and quiet streams to the fortunate bird who finds it. It is begun in the same way as the first baskets, with two groups of spokes crossed in the centre. A weaver of rush is bound around the spokes twice, then another weaver is started and the nest is woven in pairing into a bowl shape which, at about two and a half inches from the centre, should be eleven inches in circumference. This is the widest point. A row of pairing in No. 2 rattan is next woven and then the doorway is made. A weaver of rush is started in under-and-over weaving and woven until it comes to the part of the nest which has been chosen for the front. Here it is doubled back around a spoke and woven from right to left until it comes to the second spoke to the right of the one it first doubled around. It is brought around this spoke, thus making the beginning of a doorway, having an unused spoke in the centre of it. The weaver then returns to the spoke it first doubled around, where it doubles back again; and this is repeated until the weaver has been brought around five times on each side of the doorway, the spokes being slightly drawn in each time, so as to make the wigwam shape shown in the picture. After

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