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Birds' nests : Page 109


Figure 2. BIRDS' NESTS

The large nests in the foreground are of rattan. The small one on the right is of brown rush, the nest above it is of raffia woven on rattan spokes, and the one on the left is made of a gourd covered with a netting of raffia

doorway up to the top of the nest, where they come together like the poles of a wigwam. At about an inch and three-quarters from the top of the doorway the spokes come so close together that it is almost impossible to use a rattan weaver, so a strand of raffia is started in under-and-over weaving and woven for an inch and a quarter into a soft roof. The two unused spokes in the doorway are next cut close to the weaving, at the top and bottom of the opening, and a rattan ring, by which to hang the nest, is made as follows: Half a weaver of No. 2 rattan, which has been wet until perfectly pliable, is passed, from the outside, through the top of the nest just under the last row of rattan, and out on the opposite side. Here it is tied through the other end of the weaver into a ring three and three-quarters inches in diameter. The ends are twisted around and around this foundation ring, as described on page 39, three or four times, passing through the top of the nest in each circuit until, when the ring is thick enough, each end is brought under one spoke, over another, and then cut short and pressed inside the nest. It should

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