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Birds' nests : Page 111

way, and a doorway is formed as in previous descriptions. The weavers are doubled around the spokes which form the sides of the doorway eight times. Two rows of pairing in No. 2 rattan are then woven all the way around, forming a firm top for the doorway where they cross it. The spokes are drawn in closer and closer with rows of pairing in raffia until, when an inch and a half has been woven, they meet at the top. They are left uneven lengths and bound around several times with a strand of raffia, threaded through a tapestry needle. A loop made of two strands of raffia, five and a half inches long, is then covered close with button-hole stitch in raffia, which makes it neat and strong enough to hold the picturesque little nest securely in place. The spoke in the centre of the doorway should be cut, at the lower part of the opening just above the weaving, and, after it has been wet until quite pliable, bent and pressed up beside the upper part of the same spoke between the weaving. A hook, like the one previously described, may be added if the nest is to be hung in a cage or aviary.

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