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Birds' nests : Page 112

Rattan Bird's Nest with Twisted Handle

Materials: Nest—6 24-inch spokes of No. 4 rattan, 1 13-inch spoke of No, 4 rattan, 6.5 weavers of No. 2 rattan,

Handle—1 15-inch spoke of No. 4 rattan, 1 weaver of No. 2 rattan, A knitting needle.

This nest is larger than any of the others de-scribed in this chapter, and is not closed at the top in the wigwam shape. The bottom is more like a basket than those of the other nests, being woven, in under-and-over weaving, into a flat centre two inches in diameter. The spokes are then wet until quite pliable and turned upward with a very slight flare for about five-eighths of an inch, where they are flared much more, and the weaver is left quite loose until about two inches more have been woven, when the circumference should measure seventeen inches. From here the spokes are gradually drawn in, with a tightened weaver, and at about three inches from the bottom the doorway is formed. The weavers on either side of the doorway are doubled back eleven times, drawing them in slightly each time. Two inches and a quarter of weaving are made above the doorway and then, when the opening at the top is about two inches in diameter, it is bound off and finished with this border. The spokes having been wet until they are thoroughly

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