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until perfectly pliable, when they are turned sharply up and the weaving of the sides is begun with half an inch of triple twist. Five rows of rush in under-and-over weaving follow and then five-eighths of an inch of triple twist makes a firm band at the top. The border is a simple one, finished inside so as to allow the cover to slip on and off easily. Each spoke is brought in front of the next one to the left and down inside.

Cover.—In making the cover the spokes are crossed and bound as they were in the basket. A centre, four and three-quarters inches in diameter, is woven with the rush; the sixteen extra spokes are then inserted, as in the basket, and bound firmly with two rows of triple twist. Five rows of rush are woven in under-and-over weaving and then the spokes are thoroughly wet and bent up sharply. Five-eighths of an inch of triple twist in No. 2 weavers makes an overlapping edge, which should be perfectly straight and true. In ending the triple twist the method described on page 75 is recommended. A border is made by bringing each spoke back of the one on the left and then out. A small handle by which to lift the cover is formed of a piece of No. 4 rattan. It is started by weaving it under and over two or three spokes near the centre, bringing the long end up on the outside, between

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