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over the next group on the left, and pressed down inside the base, where it is cut off afterward.

Flat Candy Basket with Braided Handle

Materials: Basket.—16 20-inch pieces of No. 2 rattan,

3 weavers of No. 2 rattan. Handle.— 6 22-inch pieces of No. 2 rattan, A knitting needle.

This basket makes a charming little favor for luncheon or dinner. A small paper doily with a lace edge may be laid inside and the candy arranged upon it. The centre is started with sixteen twenty-inch pieces of No. 2 rattan, separated into four groups of four each, and crossed in the Indian manner already described on page 67. The weaver is started in front of the group to the left of the upper vertical group. It then goes back of the upper vertical group, in front of the next group, back of the next and so on, until one row has been made. In the second, third and fourth rows the weaver is brought under and over the same groups as in the first row, but in the next row it is first brought back of the upper vertical group and the group on the

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