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right of it, then in front of the next group, back of the next and so on. Four rows are woven in this way and then the groups of four are divided into twos and the weaver is brought over the first

group of two on the right of the upper vertical group, under the second, and so on. The next row is woven under and over the same groups, but at the end of that row the weaver is brought behind two groups, and the weave changes again. It is now in groups of two weavers crossing two spokes, and continues in this way till the basket is finished. New weavers are joined to the old by whittling the end of each to a flat point two or three inches long. These points are held close together and woven along like a whole weaver. When the bottom is about four and three-quarters inches in diameter, a braided handle is made and inserted according to the description in Chapter VI, using six pieces of No. 2 weaver twenty-two inches long. When the bottom is five and three-eighths inches in diameter the groups of spokes are wet and turned up to form the sides, which are not over half an inch high. The border is the same as the one described on page 68, only it is drawn in very tightly so as to make the plait lie almost flat. This basket may be colored with a vegetable dye, according to the directions in Chapter XII, or it may be left the natural color of the rattan.

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