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In the foreground is the brown rush and rattan covered basket; directly above it a smaller basket with elaborate hinge, top handle and fastenings is placed. At the left is an attractive Indian shape ornamented with a pale-green band. The shallow basket on the right makes a charming favor for a dinner or cotillon*.


and after crossing again (the right over the left), they are fastened off, one on either side of a spoke at about half an inch from the bottom. The hinge and top handle are then completed. To make the cover fastening, the pairs of ends toward the front are crossed (the right over the left), and brought down between the first and second rows of weaving from the edge, one on either side of a spoke. They are crossed again at about an inch and a half below the edge of the cover (the left over the right) to make the beginning of a loop. The end on the right is now brought up, back of the right side of the loop and through it, while the end on the left is brought up and over the left side of the loop. They cross in the middle of the loop near the edge of the cover (the right being uppermost) and are finished off, one on each side of the spoke, and between the border and the last row of weaving on the cover. A larger ring on the basket forms the other part of the fastening, and is made as follows: Two pieces of No. 2 weaver, sixteen inches long, are laid together and bent into a loop at about an inch from the middle (the ends turning down) by crossing the right pair of ends over the left. Those on the left are then brought under the left side of the ring and out, while the other pair are brought over the right side of the ring

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