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point on the circumference of the basket where the coil was brought up to form the sides, the rattan should be cut just long enough to complete the row and whittled to a long, flat point, which is sewed close to the previous row of coiling.

Cover.—The cover is wound and coiled in thesame way as the bottom ofthe basket as far as theend of the ninth row ofcoiling, when a border ismade by bringing the tenthrow close to the ninth withthe stitch shown in Fig. 20.The extreme end of the pia Z\

rattan is whittled to a long point and sewed in with the previous row.

The designs on the basket and cover are worked before they are fastened together. Beginning with the basket—the circumference is divided into fifths, and a line of black thread is run from top to bottom of the basket, at each of the five points, to form a centre line for the petal-shaped design shown in Fig. 21. The design may also be outlined in black basting thread or done by eye, in stitches which run under and over the coils like weaving, except that the raffia is brought through the previous row each time (instead of simply

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