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crossing it) between the coils. The design on the model was first worked in orange raffia, and then outlined inside with two rows of black. The design on the cover is like a five-petalled flower (see Fig. 22), and after it has been worked, the cover is placed on the basket so that the end of each petal will come in the space between two of the petals

on the basket.

Hinge.—The place where the hinge is to be made on the basket

Fig. 22

having been decided upon, a ring of raffia is formed by sewing a strand twice around the last two rows of coiling at the left of a joining, and covering it with button-hole stitch in raffia. Another ring is made on the right of the joining in the same way. At a point on the cover, just above the ring on the right, a needleful of raffia is attached, run through the rings and then around the last row of coiling on the border. It is drawn up until it forms a loop just loose enough to allow the cover to open easily, when it is covered with button-hole stitch.

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