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Green Rattan Basket with Flat Cover

Materials: Basket—8 i6-inch spokes of No. 4 rattan, I 9-inch spoke of No. 4 rattan, 5.5 weavers of No. 2 rattan.

Cover, Hinge, Etc.—6 16-inch spokes of No. 4 rattan, 1 9-inch spoke of No. 4 rattan, 4 weavers of No. 2 rattan, A knitting needle.


This -is an excellent shape for candy or for a small work basket and though it is so simple if it is well made and colored the result is most satisfactory. The basket is started with eight sixteen and one nine-inch spoke of No. 4 rattan, bound three times with No. 2 weaver and woven into a bottom three inches and a quarter in diameter. The spokes are then wet and rounded up into a bowl shape which, when five weavers have been used in under-and-over weaving, should be drawn in gradually with the remaining half weaver until the top of the basket is five and a half inches in diameter, It is then bound off and finished with this border. Each spoke is brought over the next one on the right and pressed down inside the basket where, after the border is finished, the ends are cut just long enough to allow each to lie against the spoke in front of it.

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