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in ; while the fourth follows the third in the same way. The end is then fastened off on the wrong side, completing the knob.

Basket with Overlapping Cover

Materials: Basket—8 18-inch spokes of No. 3 rattan,

1 10-inch spoke of No. 3 rattan, 4.5 weavers of No. 2 rattan, 6 strands of raffia, braided.

Cover and Ring—8 16-inch spokes of No. 3 rattan, I 9-inch spoke of No. 3 rattan, 4 or 5 weavers of No. 2 rattan, 6 strands of raffia, braided, A knitting needle.

Before beginning this basket the raffia will have to be braided, as described in Chapter II, into two pieces of equal length; one for the band on the basket and the other for the cover. The bottom of the basket is woven, slightly raised in the centre, to a diameter of four and a half inches; the spokes are then wet until pliable and turned sharply upward. Straight sides are woven of half an inch of triple twist, then three rows of braided raffia and another half inch of triple twist, which should end at the same place on the circumference of the basket as it began. In ending, each weaver is cut

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