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Handles.—In making the handles the two twenty-two inch pieces of rattan are soaked until


The simplest handle is that on the small basket at the left of the foreground. Another simple handle is the braided one beside it. Below and to the right is a basket with small side handles. Above is the rattle with its handle of wound cane, and above that is shown the basket with large ring handles, and, most elaborate of all, the handle with interlaced ends.


they are pliable. Then one is started in this way: After the knitting needle has been pushed down on the left of a spoke, to make way between the weavers, an end of the twenty-two inch piece of rattan is pressed down about three-quarters of an inch below the top of the weaving. The long end is brought across one spoke, not counting the one beside which it started, and down inside the basket at the left of the next spoke and just under the border; making the foundation handle which, at its widest part, should not be over an inch from the basket. The end is now brought out on the right of the spoke and twisted around the foundation handle. About three twists should bring it to the other side of the handle where it is pushed down inside the basket on the right of the spoke and out again on the left. It then twists around the handle across to the right side, where the end is cut off, leaving about an inch which is pressed down between the weavers to the right of the spoke. The second handle is made in the same way, taking care that it shall be so placed on the basket as to be exactly opposite the first one.

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