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to the end of the weaving as possible, with its end turning down along the handle.

The handle is held so that the spokes will not twist, and the cane is wound around it evenly and tightly, edge to edge, so that none of the rattan shows. At an inch and a quarter from the end of the handle, the long spoke is bent over into a loop and the end pressed up among the other spokes. The winding then continues to the end of the handle, and around the loop in the same way, until it is covered, when the cane is cut off leaving an end an inch long. This end is woven up the handle, over and under several rows of cane. When it has been woven in this way for about half an inch, it is bent back and run down under the cane. This finishes a rattle which a child can easily weave, and it will delight him to find he is able to make such an acceptable little gift for a baby brother or sister.

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