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Vase-Shaped Basket with Ring Handles

Materials: Basket.—8 20-inch spokes of No. 3 terra cotta rattan, 1 11-inch spoke of No. 3 terra cotta rattan, 5 weavers of No. 2 terra cotta rattan.

Handles.—2 23-inch pieces of No. 4 rattan stained black to within two inches of each end, A knitting needle.


The fine spokes that are used in this basket make it easier to mold into curves than if it was woven on the more rigid, heavy spoke material. A terra cotta stain, see Chapter XII, is used to color the spokes and weavers of this basket, and two pieces of No 4 rattan twenty-three inches long are stained black to within two inches of each end, to form the ring shaped handles on the sides. A concave bottom, two and three-quarters inches in diameter, is woven; the spokes are then wet and the sides turned up to form a bowl shape. After the second weaver has been used the spokes are gradually drawn in by tightening the weavers, until the fifth weaver is started; when the spokes are gradually flared, until three-quarters of the fifth weaver has been used. Then they are more flared until the end of the fifth weaver is reached, when the basket is bound off. In the border each spoke is brought over the next one on the right, back of the next and then out where it is cut slanting just long enough to allow it to lie across the next spoke on the right.

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