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where the snort end of each comes against the long end, (making sure that the short ends are on the

same sides of the loops) one in each hand of the worker, who passes one loop through the other, bringing the ends of the loop through which it passed over it, which makes the loop uppermost on one end of the knot and on the other the ends, see Fig. 13. The short ends are now crossed one under a long end and one over (as shown in Fig. 13), and brought

Fig. 13

Fig. 14

together. The long ends are also brought together making a knot like Fig. 14. This knot is placed about half way between the top and bottom of the basket, with the long ends turning up. The short ends are finished off by weaving one to the right over and under several spokes and the other to the left. The long ends are twisted together for about twelve inches, and are then made into another knot copied from the first one for, although the process cannot be the same, it is so simple that one can easily follow its coils. This knot is placed on the opposite side of the basket from the first one and attached in the same way

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