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in, or if it is a short end it is fastened off here and another started. In caning each chair there are small problems of this kind which the worker's common sense and sense of proportion will aid him to settle for himself.

When the last diagonal lines have been woven inthe work is completed by covering the holes witha row of binding, as follows: A length of binding(cane which is wideenough to cover theholes in the edge, andis sold for the purpose) is brought upthrough a hole, at the right or left-hand up- per corner of the seat,and laid along overthe holes at the edge, FlG- 34

where it is couched with a piece of fine rattan which is run up through every other hole, across the binding and back again. The process is repeated at every second hole on the right. When the circuit of the edge has been made, the binding is brought down through the hole where it started and there ended off.

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