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the end toward the right. The forefinger of the

right hand now presses the weaver across the upper


vertical spokes and down behind the horizontal ones on the right (thus binding the end of the weaver securely), next over the lower vertical spokes, and behind the horizontal ones on the left (see Fig. 9). This is repeated, and then beginning with the upper vertical spokes, the spokes are separated and the weaving begins (see Fig. 10). A common fault of beginners is to pull the weaver from a distance of several inches from the work; instead it should be

Fig. 9. Fig. 10.

pressed with the forefinger, under and over the spokes, as close to the work as it is possible to get it. The spokes should be very evenly separated— this is something that the beginner cannot be too careful about, as upon it so much of the symmetry and strength of his baskets will depend. It may

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