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is reached, when another is joined to it by simply crossing the weavers, at an inch from the end of each, back of a spoke (See Fig. n). The ends may need to be held, or replaced in position while

weaving one row after which they will keep their places and may be cut shorter when the mat or basket is finished and dry.

Fig. 11.-Joining Weavers. This method of join-

ing weavers has the advantage of not showing on the right side of the work. When the end of the second weaver is reached, bind off as in the first mat and finish with

Open Border No. 2.—Spokes at least four inches long, measuring from the last row of weaving, are required for this border. Cut and soak as described in Open Border No. 1. Spoke No. 1 crosses No. 2 and is pushed down beside No. 3. Number 2 crosses No. 3 and is pushed down beside No. 4 and so on around the mat.

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