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The six six-inch spokes are separated into pairs and laid on a table horizontally, leaving an inch between each pair. The short spoke, three inches long (which is cut pointed at each end), is laid ver-

tically under the middle pair and in the centre of it, with its ends over the other two pairs. A weaver is then started, at the left of the short spoke, with its short end extending about five inches below the lowest pair; it is woven under the lowest pair of spokes, over the middle and under the upper pair. Another weaver is started at the left of the first, leaving a short end five inches below the lowest pair of spokes, and this goes over the lowest, under the middle and over the upper pairs of spokes. A second pair of weavers is started in the same way at the right of the short spoke, only with their ends, five inches long, turning up instead of down. These short ends are used as spokes later on. The weavers at the right of the centre are woven across the pairs of spokes in under-and-over weaving, as the first two weavers were. The sides are then pressed closely in together, forming the centre of an oval bottom, which is held in the left hand while the right weaves. The inner weaver on the left is brought over the short ends of the weavers on the right, under the right end of the upper pair of spokes, over the middle pair and under the lowest. The outer weaver follows, but in reverse order. The pair of weavers on the right is treated in the same way and then the weaving is done by pairing,

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