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using the pairs of weavers alternately. When the bottom is about an inch and a half across, the pairs of spokes are separated, and the pairing continues until the bottom measures three by five and a half inches. The ends of the spokes are then thoroughly wet, and two of the fourteen-inch pieces of No. 3 rattan are inserted on either side of each spoke to form the side spokes. These spokes are

Fig. 24

turned up, flaring those on the ends of the basket more than the ones on the sides, and half an inch of triple twist is woven in No. 2 rattan. Two thirty-five-inch spokes of No. 4 rattan are inserted here to form a foundation handle. The ends of these spokes should be placed in the centre of a group of spokes and, on the other side of the basket, in the centre of a group that is exactly opposite. Two pieces of brown rush are next started,

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