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where the triple twist stopped, and are woven in pairing for an inch and a quarter, remembering always to flare the end spokes and press those on the sides in. The groups of spokes are now divided into pairs, and three-quarters of an inch of pairing in No. 2 rattan, with the following border, completes the basket. In the first row each pair of spokes is brought under the next pair on the right, over the next, under the next and outside the basket. In the second row each pair of ends is brought under the next pair on the right, over the next and down, leaving the first part of the row quite loose until the last part is finished, when the spokes are cut short. The handle is covered with rush in the way described on page 87. In joining new pieces of rush the ends are crossed on the uncovered spokes—see Fig. 24—and covered by the rush as the work proceeds.

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