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At the left of the foreground the Fayal basket with a handle is shown. Beside it is the Japanese basket, and back of that the ornamental centre of the other Fayal basket just shows. Above is the melon basket, and on the left the English model of brown rush and rattan

goes around the third spoke to the left of the starting point and the third to the right of the opposite handle twice, then around the fourth on each side, and so on, till the centre of the end of the basket is reached, when the end of the weaver is cut short and pressed down beside a spoke, and the other sloping end of the basket is woven in the same way. The border is made as follows : In the first row each spoke is brought back of the next spoke on the right and then out. In the second row, each end is brought over the next end and down, and in the third row each end is brought over the next twist on the right and down just in front of the next end. On the same principle as the Rope Border, the end next to be used is always the back one of the pair just made by bringing an end through. The base is made of the twenty-one five-inch pieces of No. 3 rattan, which are inserted (as the basket is held bottom upward) one on the left of each spoke, where the sides were turned up. There are two rows. In the first row each piece is brought over the next piece on the right and pressed down inside the base. In the second row each end is brought over the one on the right, and pressed down inside, making a roll like the Rope Border on page 39.

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