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Fayal Oval Basket with Handle

Materials: Basket—8 10-inch spokes of No. 4 rattan, 1 6-inch spoke of No. 4 rattan, 68 44-inch pieces of No. 2 rattan, 4 weavers of No. 2 rattan, Handle—1 22-inch spoke of No. 6 rattan, 1 weaver of No. 2 rattan.

This model was copied from one of the sturdy Fayal baskets that the masters of sailing vessels used to bring home to our grandmothers in the good old times. In such baskets new laid eggs, fruit or a little pat of butter were carried to neighbors or sick friends.

The groups of four and four and a half spokes are crossed in the centre, just as the round centres are begun, but from the very beginning the oval should be formed by pressing the weavers close in on the sides and letting them go more easily on the ends. This method will make an excellent oval shape and one that is less complicated than any of the others. When about a weaver and a half has been used the forty-four inch pieces of No. 2 rattan, which serve as spokes, are inserted two on each side of a spoke. The bottom should be about six by four and a half inches when two weavers have been woven in. The spokes are then wet and turned up, keeping the oval shape; two more weavers are used in under-and-over

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