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weaving, the edge is bound off and the groups of spokes are woven into the following closed border Each group is brought under the group on the right, over the next, under the next, over the next, under the next and outside of the basket, leaving the first two groups loose and open so as to allow the last ones to be woven in easily. Each group of ends is brought down on the outside of the basket, through a row of weaving, at about an inch and a half below the border, and just back of the third group of spokes from the one it last crossed. This holds the ends firmly in place. The basket is now turned upside down and two rows of pairing are woven to form the upper part of a base. The lower part is made by bringing each group of ends over the one on the left and down inside the base, where they are all cut off when the row is finished. The ends of a twenty-two inch spoke of No. 6 rattan are next inserted, below the border and down between a group of spokes, on each side of the basket to form a foundation for the handle which is the simple twisted one described on page 53.

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