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gnome spun a roomful of straw into gold for the

miller's daughter.

First of all, the children may braid some raffia, —we will use so much of it in this form, and now, as later in rattan work, it is well for them to learn


to prepare the materials they are to work with.Three single strands of raffia may be used inbraiding, if the plait is to be very fine; two pieces of the raffia in each strand makes a better size for general use. If the raffia is slightly dampened before the braiding is begun, it will work more smoothly. The ends are tied together and attached to a hook or chair back, and then the child braids to the end of the strands or until they become thin and spindling, when other strands are laid in, always on the under side, so that the little ends will not show on the upper or right side.These ends may be cut quite close when the braid is done.It is hardly necessary to say that the braidingshould be even and firm.

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