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When six full length weavers have been used in under-and-over weaving, a row of triple twist is made and then two green weavers, stained according to the directions in Chapter XII, are started in double weave to make the band, which should be two inches wide and will take four weavers. A row of triple twist makes a finish on the upper edge of the band and the under-and-over weaving begins again, gradually flaring until when it measures five inches from the top of the band it is thirty-six and a half inches in circumference. The spokes are then bent in, and the weaver drawn tightly until an inch and a half has been woven from the turn, when it is bound off and a border is made as follows: After soaking the spokes till they are pliable, a small piece is cut from the right side of each near the weaving, as previously described.

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