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where the band at the top begins (about nine and three-quarters inches from the bottom); the diameter is not over nine and a half inches. Before starting the band a row of triple twist in No. 4 rattan is made and then the colored weavers, stained according to directions in Chapter XII, are woven in double weaving into a band two inches wide. Another row of triple twist in No. 4 rattan finishes the band, and two weavers of No. 3 make a slightly flared edge in under-and-over weaving, which is bound off and completed with this border.

The spokes are soaked and cut as in the previous descriptions. There are two rows in this border, and, as the second row is rather complicated, the beginning of that row should be left quite loose and open until the row is finished; enabling the worker to fit in the last three or four spokes in the border accurately and easily. In the first row the spokes are each brought back of the two succeeding spokes and then out.

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