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There is always a demand for a strong, practical scrap basket, and if it is a thing of beauty so much the better. Simple forms are the best, and the study of Indian baskets will help the workman in his choice. The straight-sided scrap basket is one of the most satisfactory if the material used is attractive and the weaving well done.

Rattan and Rusk Scrap Basket

Materials: A bunch of braided green rush, 8 44-inch spokes of No. 5 rattan, I 23-inch spoke of No. 5 rattan, 16 22-inch spokes of No. 5 rattan, 16 weavers of No. 3 rattan, A knife, A knitting needle.

In using such heavy spokes as No. 5 it will be hard to make a flat bottom unless, instead of the usual arrangement, the horizontal spokes are slit in the centre for about an inch, or just far enough to slip the vertical spokes through them. The weaver 101

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