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inches, when the spokes are wet and turned very gradually upward in a rounding flare. When three weavers and part of a fourth have been used, a fifth weaver is started beside the fourth in double weaving, which continues for five rows. The weavers are still left loose enough for the spokes to flare, and when the band of double weaving is finished, and an inch of under-and-over weaving has been made above it, the diameter of the top should be seven and five-eighths inches. It is then bound off and finished with the Rope Border described on page 39. The whole basket may be colored with a vegetable dye or stain, (see Chapter XII) or the band of double weaving may be woven with colored rattan, the rest of the basket being of rattan in its natural color. As the border ends inside and as there are also many little ends of weavers on the inside which would be troublesome in a work basket, a lining of silk in some harmonious color, with pockets and pincushion, will make it more practical.

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