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Travelling Work Basket of Raffia and Rattan

Materials: Basket—16 18-inch pieces of No. 2 rattan, 11 or 12 lengths of colored raffia,

1.5 weavers of No. 1 rattan.

Cover and Hinge—16 16-inch pieces of No. 2 rattan, 7 or 8 lengths of colored raffia, 1/2 weaver of No. 1 rattan.


A dainty little work basket just large enough to hold a small pair of scissors, needles, thread and a thimble will be a welcome gift to some globetrotting friend. Before beginning it a bunch of raffia should be dyed a pale color that will look well with the rattan, see Chapter XII. Such a fine rattan as No. I is not always obtainable, it is so seldom used, but in a tiny basket like this no heavier material will look as well. The sixteen eighteen-inch pieces of No. 2 rattan are separated into groups of four each. The first group is laid on a table in a vertical position. Across the centre of this group the second group is placed horizontally exactly at its centre, the third group crosses the other two diagonally with its upper end to the right of the upper part of the vertical group and its centre over the point where the other two cross. The fourth group is laid across the others diagonally, from the left of the upper part of the vertical group to the right of the lower part. A length of raffia is then doubled and started around the upper part of the vertical group, with its ends toward the right. It is woven in pairing to about seven-eighths of an inch from the centre, where the groups are divided, each making two groups containing two pieces of rattan. When a bottom two and a half inches in diameter, and slightly raised in the centre,

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