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has been woven the groups of spokes are thoroughly wet and turned up with a slight flare, using a No. i weaver in four rows of pairing. This is succeeded by seven-eighths of an inch of raffia in pairing, which flares for three quarters of an inch and is then drawn in gradually. In joining the ends of two weavers of raffia, two inches at least of the old and new weaver should be laid one on top of the other, twisted tightly together and woven as one strand ; this will make a neater joining than crossing the ends back of a spoke. The band of four rows of pairing in No. I rattan which follows the raffia is also drawn in gradually, making a firm edge at the top of the basket. The groups of spokes are then wet and woven into a border which looks like a plait, and is made in this way. Each group of two spokes is brought back of the next group on the right, in front of the next and down inside the basket just behind the third group to the right of it. As usual in this kind of a closed border the first part of the border should be left loose and open until the last part has been woven in.

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