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Cover.—The same arrangement of groups of spokes is made in starting the cover as in the bottom of the basket, and it is woven in pairing with weavers of raffia, turning the spokes up from the very centre so as to make a slightly rounded


cover. At seven-eighths of an inch from the centre the groups of four are divided into twos, and the pairing with raffia continues until the cover is three inches in diameter. Two rows of pairing in No. 1 rattan follow the raffia and they are succeeded by a single row of raffia and a border like the one on the basket. The hinge and fastening are made of raffia and rattan. Three strands of raffia sixteen inches long are braided and then cut into two pieces; one to form the hinge and the other the top loop of the fastening. The hinge is made by inserting one end of the braided raffia under a loop of the border to the left of a group of spokes on the basket. It is brought outside of the basket on the right of the group of spokes. Both ends are now on the outside of the basket and after placing the cover on the basket, to see where it will fit best, the ends are brought straight up, each over a lower loop in the border of the cover and one on either side of a group of spokes, to the inside of the cover. Here the ends of the braid are crossed and woven to right and left, under and over one or two spokes, to fasten them off.

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