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In the front of the cover an end of the other eight inch piece of braided raffia is pushed through to the inside, on the left of a group of spokes, and just above a lower loop of the border. The other

end is brought inside to the right of the group of spokes ; the ends are then drawn up until the loop on the outside is about an inch long, when they are Crossed and woven to right and left under and over one or two spokes to fasten them securely. A piece of No. 1 rattan, about twelve inches long, is fastened to the basket just below the loop on the cover and between the lowest row in the band of rattan and the top of the woven raffia. It is brought up vertically and pushed inside the basket just below the border, making the foundation for a rattan loop which is formed in the same way as the small side handles described on page 55. Over this rattan loop the loop of braided raffia fits, and a piece of No. 5 rattan an inch long is slipped through the rattan loop and holds the cover close. That it may not be lost, a hole is bored in this piece of rattan and it is fastened to the basket by a bit of raffia ; one end of which is tied through the hole in the rattan, the other secured around a spoke about an inch to the right of the fastening.

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