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method of joining weavers was followed, the end of each old weaver is run down between the weaving, on the left of a group of spokes, and the end of the new weaver is run down between the weaving to the right of the same group, see Fig. 16. When the bottom of the basket is five and a half inches in diameter, pieces of No. 2 rattan seventeen inches long are inserted, one on either side of every


group of spokes, making four pieces of rattan in each group. These are again divided into pairs and spread apart. When the bottom is six inches in diameter, the groups of spokes are wet and bent gradually upward. The basket is woven into a bowl shape with flaring sides, and, when about eleven weavers have been used, the top should be ten inches in diameter. The ends of the groups of spokes are woven into a border as follows: In the first row each group is brought under the next one to the right, over the next, under the next and outside of the basket. In the second row each end of a group is brought under the next end on the right, over the next and then pressed inside the basket just behind the third group of spokes from where it started. The third row is made by bringing each end across one group of spokes and then outside of the basket, where it’s cut just long enough to allow it to lie across the next group.

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