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of rush is woven in under-and-over weaving, and five-eighths of an inch of triple twist forms a firm band at the top, which is completed with this border. Each spoke in turn is brought in front of the spoke on the left and down inside the basket, where it is cut off after the border is finished.

Cover.—The cover is woven of rush, on groups of four and four and a half spokes, until a centre four inches in diameter is made, when sixteen extra spokes are inserted, from the under side, one on the right of each spoke but one. The ends of these spokes are held in place by a row of pairing in rush, the spokes being separated as it is woven around. The under-and-over weaving with rush then continues until the cover is seven and three-quarters inches in diameter. The spokes should next be thoroughly wet and turned sharply up, to make the straight sides, which are woven in triple twist for an inch and a quarter. In ending the last row of triple twist the following process will be found more satisfactory than the usual one. When the weaving reaches the point on the circumference of the basket where it began, each of the three ends is cut about an inch and a quarter beyond the last

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