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must of course be in mind all the time, so that it shall be molded into that instead of the knob shape. It may be finished in the natural color or stained (see Chapter XII).

Knitting Basket

Materials: 16 32-inch pieces of No. 2 rattan, 10 weavers of No. 2 rattan, A knitting needle.

Here is something to make for the friend who knits or crochets; a little round basket that will hold her ball and needles and the piece of work too, if it is not very large. The sixteen pieces of


No. 2 rattan are separated into groups of four each, which are crossed in the Indian way already described on page 67. Three rows of pairing are woven in No. 2 rattan, and then the groups are separated into twos, and the pairing continues while the basket is shaped as nearly round as possible. That there may be no ends of weavers inside the basket, to catch on the work, the method of joining weavers described on page 72 is used. At the widest point, when half of the fifth weaver has been woven in, the circumference should be about sixteen and three-quarters inches; from there it is gradually drawn in until, when the ninth weaver has been used, the diameter of the top is about four and a half inches. Each group of spokes is then brought over the next two groups on the right, back of the third group and outside. When this row is finished each group is brought down to the bottom of the basket on the outside, to a point an inch and a quarter from the centre and just in front of the next spoke to the one it last went behind, where it is drawn through two rows of weaving to hold it in place. These outside groups should be left quite loose as will be seen in

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